Executive & Healthcare Placement

Virtus is a company made up of retired military professionals dedicated to helping separating and retired military members as they enter the civilian workforce.  The core staff has almost 80 years of combined service to the US Air Force and more than 50 years of combined recruiting experience.

Our mission is to be the premier recruiting firm specializing in placing transitioning military executives
and healthcare practitioners into the civilian workforce.

hiring former military for employers

Executive Service Placement

Our connections with current and former military affiliates helps us match talented individuals exiting the military to the needs of America's top employers.  Our talent pool is rich in experience, possessing qualities such as leadership, maturity, accountability, good judgment, and exceptional reasoning skills.  When you hire prior military service members you are hiring individuals who possess the traits that can help you maximize your resources and effectively manage personnel in today’s ever challenging business environment.

Healthcare Professional Recruiting


Healthcare Placement

Virtus is a direct placement healthcare firm that can work on a contingent or a retained basis.  Exiting and retired military members bring a wealth of skills and talent from the military to the civilian healthcare network.  These former-military practitioners whether nurses, physicians, dentists, etc., are normally certified in their particular specialty and most have received additional sub-specialty training.  Hiring a former-military healthcare worker provides you an opportunity to gain someone with both outstanding clinical skills and outstanding leadership skills as well.


connect employees and peopleLet Virtus be your concierge, acting as a one-to-one service for either client or candidate. Clients can contacts Virtus with a request to find an individual with a very specific skill set that is often difficult to find.  Virtus will accept the request and start the search process narrowing down to the exact skill set the client is looking for by going through our database and contacting our candidates and our extensive list of personal contacts throughout the industry until we find the placement that fits the client’s needs to the exact requirement.  An example of how our concierge service can benefit the candidate: Candidate A contacts Virtus.  The candidate is stationed in Washington and has notified us that she plans to retire in 8 months from now.  She and her family wish to return to a previous area they had been stationed at before.  She gives us a list of what she is looking for in a post retirement position, salary, hours, benefits, etc we go to work to find this position.  This position may or may not be advertised anywhere.  This is the true meaning of concierge, to make arrangement for someone, we at Virtus will be glad to
assist in your new road ahead.

Virtus is a Latin term for character and character is what we are all about.


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